Friday, April 26, 2013

Here are some examples of things I've done for Graphic Design.  Due to confidentiality, I can't post the things I've created for businesses yet, but these are some things I've created for my live blog and other personal interest projects.

I can create a wide variety of advertisements, business cards and stationery, posters, etc.  I can also build basic websites and am preparing to take a course in more advanced web design.  Then there's always my writing services.  Any computer-based advertising and business projects you need, I'm willing to work on!  Contact me at to discuss your business needs!

Who I Am and What I Do

Well, if you've reached my blog, congratulations.  You are among only a few lonely people!  A fact I'm hoping will change once I get established in the blogging community!  I'm not going to waste time with fluff.  I promised you an introduction to myself and what I do in the title, so I'll get to it.

I am a registered nurse by profession.  I've worked as a registered nurse for five years.  A career I've loved and am passionate about.  Good things can't last forever, though.  This very day, I had to resign from my job as a registered nurse in an operating room due to a back injury I sustained.  The injury is inoperable and my treatment options are, unfortunately, limited.  This is a problem I will have for the rest of my life.  A very sad, overwhelming thing to take in.  My company is amazing.  I hated to leave.  Some of the best doctors, nurses, and patients were a part of that surgery center and I'm going to miss it terribly.  I am simply unable to work in patient care from now on.  A fact that absolutely devastated me when the doctor told me.  Today I had to break that news to my boss and the company administrator. I was terrified.  I was having to let them know I was unable to meet all the requirements of the job.  I knew once I told them that, I was at their mercy.  They completely surprised me though. They are paying me for the month of May--giving me the one month my doctor wanted me to take off to rest my back and have some treatments--and they are covering my transitional insurance for three months.  So I'm not totally screwed without insurance or a job!  They have been incredibly kind to me.

So, without a job, I'm exploring my opportunities and what I may do with my life now.  I have two other passions--writing and graphic design--and I am looking into pursuing these careers seriously now.  My goal is to go back to school and get a second degree in one of the two fields with the ultimate goal of starting my own business or getting a writing job.  This blog will, hopefully, be connected to my company website at some point!  For now, though, it will be a place for me to write some more articles and things of that nature, as well as offer my services (explained below) and display some of my work.

Although I don't have a business of my own yet, I am still offering my writing and graphic designing services to anyone interested.  I can write content for websites and freelance articles in both the healthcare and entertainment fields.  As far as graphic design, I can create logos, websites, business cards, posters, pamphlets, etc.  As I am technically an amateur for the time being (my only degree is in nursing, and my writing and graphic designing skills are merely a natural "gift"), my prices are very reasonable.  Much less than those of a professional firm.  I am an excellent graphic design choice for small businesses and self-employed people who are looking to have company items/websites created and are looking to do so inexpensively.  I can be contacted about my services at or by commenting on this site.  I would be happy to discuss your plans with you and offer you a quote!

Happy reading!